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A list of terms used in this manual.


An emotional feeling, perception, or expectation associated with an organization, company, product, or service. View Wikipedia entry.


The assignment of a brand to a product.

Campus Unit

Campus units include all entities involved in academics, research, outreach, student affairs, campus support and administration. This includes include colleges, schools, institutes, departments, research centers and initiatives, college-level offices, administrative division, program, or other unit serving campus or external audiences.


Intentionally linking two or more brands for mutual benefit.

Column I

Refers to the image that is half Ionic order column (a volute - a spiral horn like that of a ram, appears on the left side), half capital letter "I" in the I Mark. Previously, "Column I" was used to refer to the entire I Mark. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as the Block I, which is an athletics symbol.

Illinois Messages

Through the strategic planning process, the campus will identify broad and specific messages that tell the Illinois story. The messages will share the mission and values of the campus as well as the qualities that set it apart from its peers. The messages will be incorporated into campus-level communications including electronic, in-person, and print.

Knock Out

A knockout is a portion of an image that has been removed. When two colors overlap, they don't normally print on top of each other. The bottom color is knocked out of - not printed - in the area where the other color overlaps.


A shortened version of logotype, popularly (and incorrectly) used to refer to trademarks.


A unique typeface used to symbolize the name of a brand. Also known as a wordmark.

Registered Trademark Symbol ®

A symbol marked with the ® notice is one that has been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


A tagline is a slogan designed to reinforce an audience's memory of a product, organization, or service. It is typically used in marketing materials and advertising. For instance, the university's tagline used to be "Always Thinking;" however, the tagline is no longer used.


A trademark is any name, symbol, figure, letter, word, or logo adopted and used by a company or organization to distinguish the products or services it provides from products or services provided by other companies or organizations.

Trademark Symbol ™

The TM symbol is used when registration of a trademark has been applied for with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, but not yet been granted.


The design of a set of characters, such as Helvetica or Times Roman; frequently referred to incorrectly as a "font." The typeface is the unified design of the individual characters and the font is the variation of the typeface, such as roman, italic, bold, etc.).

Visually Prominent

Clearly recognizable and noticeable. Ways to accomplish visual prominence for the I Mark and campus name texts include:


A unique typeface used to symbolize the name of a brand. It is typically created by modifying an existing typeface.