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Research Poster Template

This editable template for printed research posters is in the most common poster size (48" x 36") and orientation (horizontal). Please check with conference organizers for specific conference requirements regarding exact poster dimensions. It is available for InDesign and PowerPoint.

Printing, Laminating, and Transporting Package

Document Services will print and laminate posters and provide a mailing tube for transportation at a package price. Ordering information, including instructions, are embedded in the template.

About the Template

The template was designed for use by researchers but also may be used by the general campus. Created as a response to a request from faculty and staff for a campus resource, the template includes generous room for content and neutral backgrounds so that charts, graphs and other images stand out.

Three pages are included in the template: an orange version, a blue version, and a page with the National Science Foundation logo. More commonly used logos will be added as they are identified.



Download the InDesign template.


Download the poster template as a .potx file by clicking either of the images below.

Older versions of PowerPoint

download a .pot file for PowerPoint 1997-2004 on a PC.

Download a .ppt file for PowerPoint 1997-2004 on a Mac.

Poster templage page 1

Poster template page 2


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Thank you to the faculty and staff who reviewed the template during its development and provided feedback. We're especially grateful to Pamela A. Hadley, Ph.D., Department of Speech and Hearing Science, College of Applied Health Sciences, for suggesting this resource and providing valuable insight and feedback during its development.