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General Guidelines

This page has information about the versions of the I Mark, the use of the trademark and registered trademark symbols, the Illinois and Urbana-Champaign logos, and the buffer zone.


The campus logos must remain as originally drawn and proportioned and cannot be modified.

The wordmark "Illinois" is a graphic element, not a typeface. Do not substitute a different typeface for the wordmark.

Do not use the campus logos in a sentence or substitute the I Mark for the letter "I" in a word. The logos may not be deconstructed. The Column I may not appear without the other elements that make up the I Mark.

Official Use Only

The campus logos may not be used to promote or imply endorsement of non-university activities.

Standard version of the I MarkTwo Versions of the I Mark

There are two versions of the I Mark: one with the "1867" text and one without. The I Mark without the text is known as the standard version.

1867 I MarkHistorical Reference

The "1867" version of the I Mark was created to add a historical reference to the year the university was founded. It should be used only when historical context is important or in print or electronic communication materials related to formal campus events such as convocation, commencement and investitures.

Trademark and Registered Trademark Use

When the standard I Mark is placed on merchandise, it must appear with the trademark symbol ™. When the 1867 version is placed on merchandise, it must appear with the registered trademark symbol ®. The appropriate symbol must appear regardless of whether the merchandise is for sale or given away as promotional items. The two symbols are omitted, however, on small items of merchandise (such as jewelry) when the I Mark is rendered at a size where the symbolsl would be illegible.

All merchandise must be produced by a licensed manufacturer. Read more about trademark and licensing guidelines.

Note: The trademark and registered trademark symbols need not appear when the I Mark appears on communication materials used for official university business.

Illinois mark with trademark

Illinois and Urbana-Champaign Logos

Illinois Logo

The Illinois logo is the preferred campus logo.

Illinois logo

Urbana-Champaign Logo

The Urbana-Champaign logo should be used only when it is important to distinguish the Urbana-Champaign campus from the Chicago or Springfield campuses.

Urbana-Champaign logo

Buffer Zone

Illustration of the amount of buffer zone that should appear between the campus logo and any other elementI Mark

When either version of the I Mark appears alone, a buffer zone of at least one-third of the height of the I Mark should appear between the I Mark and any other design element. Note: A buffer zone larger than one-third of the height of the I Mark is preferred. Designers should not place any design element in close proximity to the I Mark in an attempt to make the two appear to be a unit.


Urbana-Champaign and Illinois Logos

A buffer zone of at least one-third of the height of the Urbana-Champaign logo (shown here) and the Illinois logo (see example) should appear between the logo and any other design element. Note: A buffer zone larger than one-third of the height of the I Mark is preferred.

Illustration of buffer zone space for the campus logo

Using the I Mark on Campus

While it is important to use the Illinois logo (preferred) or Urbana-Champaign logo on external communications materials, once visitors are on the physical campus in Urbana-Champaign only the standard version of the I Mark need be used.

The I Mark appears alone or separated from other elements by a buffer zone on the campus entrance signs, street signs, curbside signs such as I Streets, historical markers, parking meters, traffic control sawhorses, exterior building signs, and vinyl window signs.


Campus units may create their own type treatments, look, logos, etc., for special events, but should not incorporate or modify the campus logos or any element of the campus logos, such as the Column I, to create a new logo for the event. Examples of special events include Homecoming and the Biennial Conference for Women.

Please note that the event-related type treatment, look, or logo may not replace a campus logo as the symbol for the campus. The I Mark and campus logos must still appear on all print and digital communication materials.


There are rare instances where these guidelines should be flexible. Designers working under unique circumstances should contact Creative Services. All variances from this policy must be approved by the Director of Creative Services.