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Color Palettes

Two color palettes are available for use with the campus logos, the bold palette and the professional palette.

The bold palette offers lively, vibrant, and energetic colors. The professional palette offers a more subtle approach with colors that are elegant, formal, and calm. The orange and blue colors are unique to each palette and should not be mixed; ie., the orange of the bold palette should not be used with the blue of the professional palette.

The campus logos also may be reproduced in a single color or in two colors. When a campus logo is reproduced in a single color, black or one of the colors from either palette is preferred, but any one color may be used.

When a campus logo is reproduced in two colors, the rectangular rule inside the I Mark must be designated orange and the rest of the image must be designated blue.

Colors viewed online can vary significantly from one monitor to another. Designers are encouraged to view the Pantone color chip in person.


Bold Palette

bold palette

Print Colors





C: 100
M: 86
Y: 24
K: 9


C: 0
M: 62
Y: 99
K: 0


Web colors


R: 0
G: 32
B: 91

R: 232
G: 119
B: 34




Professional Palette

professional palette

Print Colors





C: 60
M: 40
Y: 5
K: 0


C: 3
M: 55
Y: 100
K: 0


Web colors


R: 96
G: 110
B: 178

R: 212
G: 93
B: 0




Color Information

More information about color is available on the Pantone Web site at and at